Sunday, June 8, 2014

"OH, DARN-er!"

We recently had a large group of 5-6 year old students come to Fox Island Park for a field trip.  On of the stops during their visit was at Bowman Lake to participate in using nets to dip for aquatic life including various water dwelling insects.

One young man retrieved a darner nymph (dragonfly) and was very excited to share it with his classmates.  I asked him to put it in the holding pan and continue to dip with the net.  Ten minutes later, when I looked in the pan, the adult dragonfly had started to emerge from it's exoskeleton.

Over the next 45 minutes the students and adults watched as the adult Green Darner slowly crawled out of it's skin.  The new adult was left clinging to a lakeside bush to finish it's transformation to a flight capable mosquito eater.
Photos: J. Ormiston